Making the Western Cape ungovernable!

A vote for us is a vote for you!

Freedom from economics in our lifetime!

Together we can live without government.

In open conflict for a peaceful society.

Together we can do so much more.

A brighter future!

We live in a time of social and ecological crisis, perpetuated by oppressive social and economic relations. Join us at the bookfair to learn more about why we're opposed to capitalism and the state and what we envisage instead.

A free society!

Political organisations will always tell you that they value freedom and equality, but in the modern world both are in short supply. As anarchists we work and play towards a world where freedom and equality are nourished by each other instead of being at odds.

Creating change!

Come see our values in action. Apart from some stuff for sale, we'll have free food from Food Not Bombs, a gift economy anti-market and lots of other cool stuff you can participate in without spending a cent.

About the bookfair
YOU have been called to vote by many parties.
Feel disgruntled by them? Think their promises are empty? Wondering what you can do to really make a change? We say DON’T VOTE and rather come find out more about daily revolutionary action at the 2013 Anarchist Bookfair.

We won’t be promising anything except good books, interesting talks and conversations, workshops, amazing vegan food, a chill space, a Really Really Free Market (where you get to donate if you want and take whatever you need) and a rowdy after-party.

Interested yet? If not, think about this for a moment: is it really so unimaginable that you should be able to have a real say in what your community should look like and how you want to live your life? Are you tired that you and the people you love are forced into dead-end soul-eroding jobs just to pay the bills, living month to month and sapped of the energy to live the life you feel sure should be possible for all of us? That you aren’t allowed the time to understand yourself and what you want from life – this one, beautiful, crazy, scary, wondrous life you get to live for a period of time you have no control over? Are you concerned that the planet is speedily being destroyed by people seeking profit over the well-being of the environment?

If any of this resonates with you, come join us at the bookfair. You’ll get to take part in discussions and think collectively about new ways in which we can live in a way that allows us to be free without impinging on the freedom of others and is environmentally sustainable. Come on, take off those horrible disciplinary restraints of ‘how you should act and be’ and allow yourself a day of being the person you dreamed of being when you were a child climbing trees and hanging upside down, looking at the world from another angle.
The following stalls have confirmed attendance. We'll be adding lots more to this list as time goes on. Get in touch if you'd like one!
Here's a first look at the line-up. Please check back often for the final list of speakers, themes, times, etc.
  • 11:00am: Aragorn – apathy and anomie in contemporary SA
  • 12:00pm: Poetry by Mikey Wentworth
  • 12:30pm: Daniel - Anarchism 101
  • 1:30pm: Mandy Moussouris – A collaborative experiment in anarchist organisation
  • 2:30pm: Ilya (Anarchist Federation, France) - the importance of political organisation
  • 3:30pm: Soundz of the South – The Afrikan Hiphop Caravan
It's not just about buying books, listening to speakers drone on and maybe scoring a couple of free vegan cupcakes - we'd also like to share conversations with you about the stuff that's important to all of us but that we spend far too little time discussing. To suggest a conversation, drop us a mail. We'll add it to the itinerary of conversations happening on the day and chat to you about facilitation, if needed. Any question is valid, and if you’re thinking it you can bet someone else is too.

Here's what's already been suggested:
  • 11:00am: Privilege and sexism in radical / anarchist communities
  • 12:00pm: Voting and elections
  • 1:00pm: bitcoin: what do anarchists think?
  • 2:00pm: Making anarchism beautiful
  • 3:00pm: What's love got to do with it?
  • 4:00pm: Abahlali baseMjondolo - an introduction / presentation / open conversation.
Join us at bolo'bolo (76 Lower Main Rd, Observatory - just around the corner from the bookfair) for an evening of live music and rowdiness courtesy of All Those Wasted Nuts, Monday Morning Justice, Cami Scoundrel, Morning Pages, Soundz of the South and friends, along with vegan snacks and coffees. Remember to bring your own drinks.
Really Really Free Market
Gift economies are one of the best ways to start smashing capitalism! You can bring along or do anything of value that you don’t need or use anymore but would be worth something to somebody else – it could be CDs, clothes, giving massages, giving yoga classes, household equipment or potplants; really anything you fancy. The point is that this is an act of caring and sharing what we have with others in whatever capacity we can. And if you have nothing to give but need something you see, you’re welcome to contribute by participating in any activities, or simply to take what you need (or like!) that you see. If you’re keen to get involved by offering a really really free service, please contact us so that we can create a space for you. We’d love to see what you’re all made of and the wonderful gifts you can share – especially those that make you YOU.
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The bookfair has a policy against authoritarian, oppressive, racist, sexist, queer-phobic, ableist, speciesist and other disrespectful behavior that works against collective liberation for all communities. Leave the prejudice, intolerance and domination at home! Actually, get rid of it altogether!

The venue does not have dedicated wheelchair access but there are very few steps and all areas are accessible via one of the two main entrances. If you're concerned about this, drop us a mail and we'll send you some photos of the venue.

The venue will be child friendly and there will be some entertainment available for younger anarchists, although there will not be a dedicated single area. The venue canadian pharmacy online would prefer if people did not bring companion animals of other species along, but we encourage you to use your discretion in this regard.